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Centre de Recherche et du Développement Communautaire

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Community Research and Development Center / Centre de Recherche et du Développement Communautaire

About Us

Community Research and Development Center (COREDEC) is the current name given to the former Research and Support Center-Laboratory of Social Sciences-Cameroon. It was created in the small Cameroonian Muslim city of Ngaoundere in April 1998 by Professor Gilbert L. Taguem Fah. COREDEC derived from and was informed by the new orientation of the center which main purpose is to marry scientific research to local and sustainable development issues.

Regarding scientific research, COREDEC works on a daily basis with a staff made up by experienced scientists as well as young researchers from all the fields of Humanities and social sciences. We have a working group that meets twice a month in order to discuss about research projects and other current issues related to the sociopolitical and economic developments of Africa in general and Cameroon in particular. In addition, many research projects and programs are on the pipe at COREDEC.

With the aim of contributing to the production of scientific knowledge and its dissemination, we run a Scientific Journal known as African Humanities ISSN -2071-1212. The Journal welcomes original and unpublished works based on empirical field work and philosophical thinking. The papers can be written in English and French. African Humanities is available online and it is possible to download current issues free of charge.

Still under Scientific research, COREDEC used to carry out research missions aiming at collecting field data on different communities in the Muslim Northern part of Cameroon. Thanks to these field works, we have been able to create a data base on people and societies of Northern Cameroon. These data are available for consultation.

As far as local and sustainable development is concerned, COREDEC runs different programs related to education and capacities buildings of unprivileged and disadvantaged social groups like women and youth. Together with Breaking Ground, a US based Non-Profit Organization, COREDEC carried out Women Entrepreneurship Program that aimed at providing training and Women Entrepreneurship Program that aimed at providing training and financial support to women in getting started with an income generating activity in order to fight against poverty.

COREDEC is aware of the importance of English language worldwide and especially in the domain of research and education broadly speaking. In this vein COREDEC has an ongoing program that aims at teaching English language to young Cameroonians.

Besides, COREDEC has been able to grant scholarships to students from universities and other primary and secondary schools. Despite its limited resources, which come mainly from the personal funds of its founder, COREDEC has been able to support many Masters Students during the preparation of their thesis. Three PhD candidates have also benefited from a financial support from COREDEC.

In the domain of capacities buildings, we have developed three main programs:

Since its creation, COREDEC has signed many partnerships with different international academic institutions and NGOs like the School for International Training (in the USA) and Breaking Ground (USA).